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Our Publishing Process – Part II

Part II – Write Your Story What is my vision for my work? As we mentioned in the previous section, writing your story is the most important aspect of the process, for without the work there will be no end... Continue Reading →


A Writer’s Expectations

It is reasonable as a writer to expect certain things for your work once you decide to seek publication. It is imperative that you do the necessary research in order to make this experience the best it can possibly be... Continue Reading →


Do not go blindfolded into the light. Working in the publishing industry allows me the privilege of opportunity and access to a wealth of information, both of which offer their benefits and detriments to the craft of writing. “Learn everything... Continue Reading →

Personal Perspectives on Publishing

My immersion into the publishing realm of my writing journey has brought some interesting discussions and questions to the forefront as I am requested for my advice from various colleagues and potential project partners. The most common is the discussion... Continue Reading →

Objectives & Goals

Vision: Where do we want Dream Write Publishing to go? In focusing on the future of this newly formed company, we are driven by passion and determination to build something that is not just directed by profit margins. We see... Continue Reading →

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