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Our Publishing Process – Part I

The Process: Publishing your work with Dream Write Publishing Introduction Our company is dedicated to giving the best possible and practicable service without making promises we can’t keep or assumptions we can’t substantiate. In the upcoming series of blogs, to... Continue Reading →


Being “Me” in a Team

When your mind is always forming words and your heart is always in the writing mode, amazing little blogging tidbits come your way through various means, and they have a way of hitting at the most inopportune moments. Here I... Continue Reading →

A Writer’s Dream

At its purest form, a writer's dream involves only the deep relationship they have with words. Their eventual publication in whatever manner might be right for that particular writer is subsequent to that internal connection and may not be the... Continue Reading →

Working with Dream Write Publishing

In our initial consultation with prospective clients, we ask the writer/author a series of questions intent on creating an open discussion. This one-on-one meeting helps to determine the underlying reason, or reasons, for wanting to publish a book. During this... Continue Reading →

Conference table musings

There’s a blog in there trying to work its way out of me – you’d think it would be painful by now, having been lodged in deep, wedged sideways unable to squeeze itself out for sometime. Not for lack of... Continue Reading →

A Company is Founded

History - From Dream to Reality I am not just someone with a wordy passion that writes for my own benefit. I love the written word and share that passion with many others and along with that, share the dream... Continue Reading →

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