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Celebration – A New Year

Well, another New Year is upon us and we look ahead to the magic of an unwritten page. Social media meme says, "another 365 days ahead to write your story, make it a good one." Despite the fact that we... Continue Reading →


Part IV – My manuscript becomes a book – now what?

In our continuing series of posts, we attempt to enlighten the writer and provide valuable information. If you have any questions, please contact us directly or post your comments below. ~ Happy writing in 2014! DWP ***** In the changing... Continue Reading →

Being “Me” in a Team

When your mind is always forming words and your heart is always in the writing mode, amazing little blogging tidbits come your way through various means, and they have a way of hitting at the most inopportune moments. Here I... Continue Reading →


Do not go blindfolded into the light. Working in the publishing industry allows me the privilege of opportunity and access to a wealth of information, both of which offer their benefits and detriments to the craft of writing. “Learn everything... Continue Reading →

Concerning Blogs

When justifying the time and effort it takes to establish and maintain a current blog – one would question its purpose in the writer’s life. As a writer and publisher, I have committed to several blogs owing to the responsibility... Continue Reading →

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