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Celebration – A New Year

Well, another New Year is upon us and we look ahead to the magic of an unwritten page. Social media meme says, "another 365 days ahead to write your story, make it a good one." Despite the fact that we... Continue Reading →


Part IV – My manuscript becomes a book – now what?

In our continuing series of posts, we attempt to enlighten the writer and provide valuable information. If you have any questions, please contact us directly or post your comments below. ~ Happy writing in 2014! DWP ***** In the changing... Continue Reading →

Up Next – Developing an Event

An Author Reading is defined by Dream Write Publishing as a small community event which allows opportunity for authors, twofold: first, it gives them a chance to practise reading in front of a friendly audience possibly including family as well as close friends; and two, it allows them... Continue Reading →

Defining Your Success

The most important part of success is “u”… and despite the fact that a business market is made up of essential elements such as supply and demand, you are the driver in the equation. In order to be successful in... Continue Reading →

A Writer’s Dream

At its purest form, a writer's dream involves only the deep relationship they have with words. Their eventual publication in whatever manner might be right for that particular writer is subsequent to that internal connection and may not be the... Continue Reading →

Personal Perspectives on Publishing

My immersion into the publishing realm of my writing journey has brought some interesting discussions and questions to the forefront as I am requested for my advice from various colleagues and potential project partners. The most common is the discussion... Continue Reading →

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