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Defining Your Success

The most important part of success is “u”… and despite the fact that a business market is made up of essential elements such as supply and demand, you are the driver in the equation. In order to be successful in... Continue Reading →


Trusting in Words

Trust is earned. Trust can be eroded through constant acts of deception. Trust might exist in one party, yet be totally absent in another even though there is an expectation of trust. Trust can easily be betrayed. Perhaps, it is... Continue Reading →

Being “Me” in a Team

When your mind is always forming words and your heart is always in the writing mode, amazing little blogging tidbits come your way through various means, and they have a way of hitting at the most inopportune moments. Here I... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Editing

Is Proofreading a Dying Art? Essential to the business of publishing: editing, revisions, and proofreading. The captions that follow were received via an email, and albeit funny, they are "proof" there needs to be a diligent effort to portray the truth... Continue Reading →

Staying Focused

There are a million things happening at any one give moment – how does a writer keep from getting overwhelmed, over saturated with ideas, overcome with emotion? How does any human being do that? It is easy to just give... Continue Reading →

Building Your Book Brand

There is a tendency in this fast paced world to push to get to the finish line “quick and in a hurry”. Although this type “full speed ahead, eyes on the prize” race can often be mistaken as focused commitment,... Continue Reading →

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