Our Vision

Company Vision:

“Dream Write Publishing Ltd. shall promote and aid Canadian writers in a professional manner while establishing an Alberta-based publishing company with an ongoing mandate to encourage and support emerging writers.” (DWP Bylaws 2010)

It is the desire of this organization to contribute to creating awareness for the literary arts in the community where we live. “Community” not only refers to the physical location in our hometown of Sherwood Park in Strathcona County, but also to the larger areas that encompass us – our province of Alberta, and our country, Canada. The nature of today’s business world takes us beyond even that. The publishing industry is a diverse market that not only indulges right-brain creativity, but is driven by the logic of left-brain processes. Although publishing is a business based on those processes – it is so much more because it deals with something connected to the very heart and soul of an artist. Often, the cold and calculated economics of profit margins, sales goals, and marketing do not appeal to the creative mind, yet are aspects that must be given consideration if a published work is to be sold.

During the development of our company over 8 years ago, discussions touched on the type of company we wanted to be and the image we wanted to portray. A common trait among us was the desire to put quality and integrity above monetary gain. The individuals who invest their time in Dream Write Publishing are willing to do so in order to see the dreams of other writers come alive. We are a company driven to be successful by considering each and every project on its own merits.

We did what we set out to do. And we continue to be dedicated to authors who choose to publish with Dream Write Publishing.


4 thoughts on “Our Vision

  1. Your company sounds like a very out-of-the-box idea. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A. By any chance, might you ever expand to include writers from the U.S.? I think you have some very forward-thinking minds working for you, and as a writer who is trying to embrace the new medium of online, I respect that.

    Shari Lopatin

  2. Thank you for the wonderful comment – we hope we come across as a bit different and you never know, online options open lots of doors – we might come knocking. Keep in touch and thank you for reading our blog.

  3. Please note: although we are a Canadian publisher with a mandate to promote Alberta based writers and authors – we can’t help dream, too! Our international reach is through our EBook publications and upcoming POD releases which will stretch our mandate worldwide! If you are from outside Canada, please inquire as to how we can help you. We have worked with authors in Australia and the US – there are no limits or boundaries. Thanks! from Dream Write Publishing.

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