Company Vision:

The company bylaws drafted in August 2010 declares:

“Dream Write Publishing Ltd. shall promote and aid Canadian writers in a professional manner while establishing an Alberta-based publishing company with an ongoing mandate to encourage and support emerging writers.”

It is the desire of this organization to contribute to the cultural diversity and literary welfare of the community in which we live. “Community” not only refers to the physical location of Sherwood Park and Strathcona County, but also to the literary areas that encompass us – Alberta, and Canada, as a whole. The publishing industry is a diverse market that not only caters to right-brain creativity, but is driven by logical left-brain attributes. Although publishing is a business, it is so much more because it deals with products that are connected to the very heart and soul of an artist. Often, the cold and calculated economics of profit margins, sales goals, and marketing do not appeal to the creative mind, yet are aspects which must be given consideration if a published work is to be sold and considered a success.

During development, our discussions involved consideration for the type of company we wanted to be and the image we wanted to portray. A common trait among us was the desire to put quality and integrity above monetary gain. The individuals who have expressed an interest in investing their time in Dream Write Publishing are willing to do so voluntarily during its developmental stages. That being said, we are a company driven to be successful, consider each and every project on its own merits, and earn our share.

We are dedicated to the promotion of the authors who contract us to do their publishing.