Visit our web site for a complete catalog, featuring all authors and their books. We love our WordPress blog, but as we continue to grow we won’t post each and every book here. At the time we updated this post, Dream Write Publishing has over 100 titles! We will continue to bring you stories and events tied to the books we publish, posts on writing, articles and advice on publishing, and other related information. Be sure to Contact Us if you have a question or inquiry. Enjoy the following posts – they are our two first-year books launched in December 2010.


A Gift of Trouble (2010) is Dream Write Publishing’s second release and first book for author, Helen Hunter Lavender. Unfortunately, Helen passed away in 2015 but her stories will live on in our hearts. Look for her second book, Old Dolly and Me, in our book catalog. We miss you, Helen!

This is a wonderful story about life on the farm in the early 1940s and the little pig named “Snorky” that made it all that much more exciting… was he really so much trouble? This true story is a tale (or tail?) that needs to be told and who better than one of our local community members who has given so much back by way of volunteer hours and participation. Helen’s storytelling ability shines through in her book.


Writing Prompt Journey – The Road to Your Creativity (2010) – our first published book! Still a favorite for writers and readers who enjoy the diversity of talent among us.

This book features writing from 17 authors and the illustration and cover art work from 5 artists. The content is based on the creative submissions for writing prompts posted on the Writers Foundation of Strathcona County (WFSC) web site from August 2009 – May 2010. Eligible members were invited to submit their work  for consideration and inclusion in the 178 page book – to show writing diversity, style, stage, genre, and development while encouraging others to “challenge their own creativity.” Everyone will enjoy reading the prompts as examples to the many ways one idea can be stretched. Writers can use both prompt and “Pump Up the Prompt” challenges to flex their own writing muscles. Enjoy!


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  1. This book features the inspired written work of 17 authors and accompanying illustrations by 5 artists – all submissions are in response to writing prompts selected from the writer’s web site. Every Saturday a prompt is posted for members, and others who enjoy visiting the site, to write and interpret any way they choose – one prompt can produce as many variations as there are attempts to write on it. The WFSC selected 20 prompts to be featured in this unique book catering to all writers – emerging and published, young and old. It is meant to challenge your creativity and stretch your imagination. The book will sell for $20 (plus Shipping and handling/postage and GST) – the book is due to launch early November and will be featured at the Words in the Park Book Sale and Fair, Saturday, December 4th – co-sponsored by the Strathcona County Library and the Writers Foundation of Strathcona County.

  2. UPDATE ON BOOK STATUS – the WFSC book “Writing Prompt Journey – The Road to Your Creativity” goes to print next week as we finish up the edits and artwork required to put finishing touches on this wonderful publication. WE NEED YOUR PRE-ORDERS right away, if you would like to have this book for gift giving or as a special treat for the writer in you. A smaller print run will sell out quickly and we want to ensure that there are enough to go around for everyone who wants one. You can email me your intent to order but we require your order and payment mailed to: P.O. Box 57083 RPO Eastgate, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 5L7. This is going so great we haven’t had time to get our web site up and running yet – but once that happens – you can order on line… just don’t wait if you want it for Christmas, though. Take care and thanks, Dream Write team.

  3. Dear sirs/madams,
    I hope you are fine.
    I have visited your website looking for a way of publishing any or all of my three competed books with you, one on leadership, another one on CSR and another on courtship.
    The books are as follows:
    • Backbone Leadership: Facing & Confronting & Navigating the Leadership Challenges In the Public,
    Social & Corporate World: Pagination- About 216 pages on A4 size paper, Number of words-About 30,000, No. of chapters-5, Genre-leadership/social/ Business leadership, Position-One chapter remaining
    • Broken hearts: A healing, Compassionate and Survival kit for the hearts Broken on the Road to Marriage.: Pagination- 101 pages on A4 size paper, Number of words-25,536, No. of chapters-10, Genre-courtship/dating/marriage/counseling ,Position-complete
    • Engaging CSR: Companies Moving from Guilt trip to Pro-activity: Pagination- 109 pages on A4 size paper, Number of words-34,000, No. of chapters-10, Genre-Business/management/Corporate Governance/CSR/Development, Position-complete

    However, I did not manage to get all the answers I was looking for in your web, or I was not clear on some. I humbly ask you the following questions, which will work to clarify me and so go the next step with you.
    1. Which genre do you publish?
    2.Do you publish non-Americans
    3. What are the terms of your contract? Can you send it? Do you publish ebooks, POD or traditional royalty way?
    5. Does the author need to pay anything before being published? If so, how much?
    6. Do you give the author some advance finances before the book sales? If so, how much?
    7. How long does it take to be published? How long will I wait after I submit my manuscript? How many free copies of the book will I get?
    8. How are your payments and payment plans? How will I get my royalties and how much are those royalties? And, is there a renegotiation clause for those royalties? How can we renegotiate in case I am not satisfied with the amount of royalties?
    9. What are your marketing plans?
    Thank you for your kind consideration.


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