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OCTOBER 2011 – Dream Write Publishing is proud to release its second book from the Writers Foundation of Strathcona County (WFSC).

From a Solitary Drop recounts the history of the Strathcona County Writers Circle as it celebrates 10 amazing years of growth, change, and success. The “original six” were founders of the WFSC which grew from the membership of the Writers Circle in 2004. Their words contribute to the content of this book as they share their passion and memories with you.

The book is dedicated to one of the “original six”, Consorcia Leonardo Mendoza, who is no longer with us (1931 – 2009) yet her inspiration lives on. We thank her family for their contribution on her behalf.


Celebrate Halloween with a scary addition!

Rumble’s First Scare by Sherwood Park author, Mandy Eve-Barnet, is sure to put the fright into little monsters.

This wonderful book is for everyone and we guarantee: you will fall in love with little Rumble, despite his slimy toys and night time tricks.


 Another new release from a new author!

James S. Hancheruk relays a fun tale starring Mishka – who is, A Cat on the Move. Travel with her as she moves with family members from Edmonton to Banff, Vancouver, and back again. Where will she go next? No one knows for sure. Based on a real life cat, this enjoyable story features artwork from Canadian/Australian artist Matthew McClatchie, a Dream Write Publishing favorite.



A Gift of Trouble is Dream Write Publishing’s second release and first book for author, Helen Hunter Lavender.

This is a wonderful story about life on the farm in the early 1940s and the little pig named “Snorky” who made it all that much more exciting… was he really so much trouble? This true story is a tale (or tail?) that needs to be told and who better than one of our local community members who has given so much back by way of volunteer hours and participation. Helen is well known for her storytelling ability and it shines through in this book.


 Writing Prompt Journey – The Road to Your Creativity

This book features writing from 17 authors and the illustration and cover art work from 5 artists.  The content is based on the creative submissions for writing  prompts posted on the WFSC web site from August 2009 – May 2010. Eligible members were invited to submit their work  for consideration and inclusion in the 178 page book – to show writing diversity, style, stage, genre, and development while  encouraging others to “challenge their own creativity.” Everyone will enjoy reading the prompts as examples to the ways one idea can be stretched.  Writers can use both prompt and “Pump Up the Prompt” challenges to flex their own writing muscles. Enjoy!

Excerpt from “Homecoming Boots” by Tracy von Elling Tears of relief and joy mixed with a kiss that was long overdue. His hand stroked her neck gently and she relished the touch. She never expected to see him so soon.

After she felt reassured that he was really home, their embrace relaxed. For a second, she glanced at his brown boots, grateful that they were back where they belonged.

“I’ll clean them up tomorrow and put them away while I am home.”

“No, I like your boots exactly where they are because it means you are home.”

Excerpt from “I Am My Past” by Kelsey Hoople Truth is, everything in our lives teaches us to be a better individual, if you allow the lesson. Regrets are for those who don’t learn. The mistakes I have made prepare me to make the right choices when faced with a similar situation along the road of life.

Excerpt from “Fall’s Surprise” by Sharon Baggs

Recently retired

Today I relish reclusiveness.

Today no treacherous thoroughfares

To travel tensely.

No trepidations

To torment my soul!

Excerpt from “The Growth of a Child” by Nathan Berube

To explore. To cre­ate. Here we are. Love your life, and live it. And there is nothing more, for creation demands that I give you some clay, and let you have at it.

Excerpt from “One Pink Sneaker” by Karen Probert When he checked in, he was handed a photo of a four year old girl. Lustrous brown hair curled around pudgy cheeks, soft pink lips smiled sweetly but there was a mischievous spar­kle in her deep brown eyes. Her name was Maddison Delorean and the info stated, “Never called Maddie.” She’d been missing since before 2:00 AM from a middle class neighbourhood.