Freelance Writing – Bad Contracts – Updated Blog

This is a blog post topic that bears repeating. Dream Write Publishing wants writers to be aware that not all contracts are good contracts. It might seem like a dream come true if you are in the position to consider signing under a press or publisher for your hard work - but - always read … Continue reading Freelance Writing – Bad Contracts – Updated Blog


Cover Art

The cover is sometimes what sells the book. We pick up a book because we are drawn to the look of it. We read the back and if that still resonates with us, we proceed to read. The comment made about the cover selling the book is with no intended offense to the writer and … Continue reading Cover Art

Preparing the Novel

As the month of word-goals approaches, there is much thought as to what I might write as a participant in the National Novel Writing Month frenzy of 50,000 words in 30 days. As the publisher in me works through projects this month to bring them up to date and to completion, the writer in me … Continue reading Preparing the Novel

Part IV – My manuscript becomes a book – now what?

In our continuing series of posts, we attempt to enlighten the writer and provide valuable information. If you have any questions, please contact us directly or post your comments below. ~ Happy writing in 2014! DWP ***** In the changing publishing world, there still prevails a common misconception – your book is out there and … Continue reading Part IV – My manuscript becomes a book – now what?

Our Publishing Process – Part III

Part III - Designing YOUR Book What will my book look like? As part of our publishing process, Dream Write Publishing encourages input from the author so the end product becomes one you have envisioned. Perhaps, you’ve seen something on the market you like – something that caught your eye and attention… after all, that … Continue reading Our Publishing Process – Part III

Our Publishing Process – Part II

Part II – Write Your Story What is my vision for my work? As we mentioned in the previous section, writing your story is the most important aspect of the process, for without the work there will be no end product. Your words can live in your mind, in your heart, or as notes on … Continue reading Our Publishing Process – Part II