Part IV – My manuscript becomes a book – now what?

Happy New Year balloonsIn our continuing series of posts, we attempt to enlighten the writer and provide valuable information. If you have any questions, please contact us directly or post your comments below. ~ Happy writing in 2014! DWP


In the changing publishing world, there still prevails a common misconception – your book is out there and someone else is now going to take care of it. This is the furthest thing from the truth. In this dynamic industry, a process has evolved from our original preconceived notions of traditional publishing contracts and all the glorified expectations that go with it… to the scurvy of scams and petulance prevalent with vanity sites and their ongoing bad press. As an author, you have done your creative work – you have written it, revised it, enhanced it, edited it, designed an image in your mind of what the book should or could be – now you have moved on to the public display of publishing that work… What next? What can you expect?

Realistically, you must still be as involved in the process – however, you will be wearing a much different hat. You must now become objective, critical, and scrutinize what goes on. You must be aware and measure options with a cautious hand. You must become the business person. This can be a positive experience, but only if you are willing to learn the ropes, so to speak. Even if you are only interested in being the creator of work, the purveyor of words, and master of your writing life, there needs to be assimilation of learning, at this point and along the way, in order to move forward safely. Once you realize what goes into the journey of your book, the costs and the risks, the time it takes to get it out there – then, and only then, are you truly prepared to just sit back and let someone else do the work. This is where costs are involved. This is where you must be a smart business person in order to protect your creative investment. There are publishers that will take you for granted. There are publishers who won’t even be interested in you or your work. There are publishers who will make claims yet cannot deliver. Knowing what is to be expected, what can be, and what can be avoided, arms you with the knowledge you need to choose the right direction for your book, and your journey as an author.

Dream Write Publishing will not make promises just to get your work, just to offer and charge you for services, just to make our bottom line look better. We work with authors to bring your work to published format. That is the bottom line. There is always hoping to make money along the way – for you, the author, and us, the business. Our mandate is to promote and encourage writers, bringing their dreams of being published to fruition. We are a small company and, although we cannot always financially invest in every step of the process for you, we do invest our time and expertise, our caring and support so you are never taken advantage of – you are welcome to check with any of our authors. Let them share their experience with us and what Dream Write Publishing brought to their work.

Success is measured in many different ways – adjust the height of your goals to achieve success. This does not mean you have to reduce your dreams – dream big and reach out. We do.


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