Defining Your Success

The most important part of success is “u”… and despite the fact that a business market is made up of essential elements such as supply and demand, you are the driver in the equation. In order to be successful in the book publishing industry external forces must be factored into the equation: we require a product to sell; sales need buyers; writers pursue dreams of being published; authors need readers. This is unarguably true but setting your own personal parameters for success ensures a positive outcome – no matter the end goal. Other indicators to “success” are dictated by the amount of time and expertise one invests in building a promotional platform and the amount of exposure one gleans from that recognition.

Although this is a company blog that promotes building a publishing business, its owner writes from a writer’s perspective and is able to connect with other writers who become clients on that basis. The company mandate is not all about a bottom line measured only by financial success – it considers the “you” in success by tailoring programs and schedules to fit the individual author. It is not our place to assume what works for one person will work for another. We operate differently and base our projects on that knowledge. We make every effort to steer you clear from potential disaster and encourage you to participate in those remedies that bring positive outcomes.

Dream Write has authors who have tried the promotional aspects of marketing their book and the company has received comments varying from “fun and exciting” to “no way” and “gee, this IS a lot of work.” We never discourage an author from trying something because it is how that individual will gauge their limits and determine their comfort zone. Others find their place in the media, in front of an audience, in the touring realm, and so on. When we say “success” in publishing, immediately our minds go to numbers – perhaps, thousands of books sold, thousands of dollars made, cross country tours and book signings, followers and media coverage. Yes, this is success in the traditional economic sense.  And we encourage our authors to have dreams. Go ahead, have big dreams. We also recommend they stay grounded to reality because those visions of grandeur don’t happen all the time.

Defining your success is as easy as taking the basest achievement that comes from this process – you are a writer who has become an author with a published book. To hold that accomplishment close, turn its pages, and smooth your hand over the cover with your name emblazoned upon it… that is true success. When asked by an author as to whether they should publish ebooks or print books, Dream Write considers the author and their situation. A recent writer asked that of her project and we responded: “Although ebooks are the way of the industry, we would never discourage running a print book – there is no better feeling of completeness after a long writing journey (with its share of disappointments) than to hold a finished project in your hand.”  The feeling of an electronic device pressed to your cheek just doesn’t have the same warm measure, in our books.

Dream Write Publishing wants to commend all its authors – every one of you is a success by having the courage to publish your words. As a partner in your project, we support the level of “u” in your “success” and thank you for entrusting them to us.


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