There are a million things happening at any one give moment – how does a writer keep from getting overwhelmed, over saturated with ideas, overcome with emotion? How does any human being do that? It is easy to just give in and do nothing when there are so many choices, so many options, and so many ways to go – how does one stay on the path? If given to temptation and distraction… nothing will get done!

…………… I’m back!

One of those distractions grabbed my easily swayed attention. That happens when you become overwhelmed, tired, and are dealing with the physical symptoms of overwork. You know, oh YOU know, there is so much to do and applying yourself and time to any number of things will bring you that much closer to the goal of completing at least one of them… but instead, you opt to ignore everything and get waylaid by frivolous amusements. Therein lies the first way to combat this issue – allow yourself that distraction without self-castigation; admitting your propensity to stray is one way to deal. As is all admittance – realization that you can do this without giving up everything and that you are not alone in your deviations, makes them easier to accept as part of the normal course of things. Allowing yourself that one little diversion will satiate the desire and you can be on your way… right? Only one, you ask?

The best way to keep a positive attitude and continue to make progress is to only focus on the immediate and what you are capable of doing in that moment of time. Trying to do one thing and worrying, thinking, plotting, and conniving another… well, that is where distraction lies and in doing this we hardly give fair attention to each item on our list. Focusing on the most current, desirable, or necessary will keep you on track to finish one project at a time. If looming deadlines dictate “importance”, then attack and cross duties of the list in order of chronological timelines. If there is something you don’t want to do – do it first – clearing that unwanted debris will make the path so much easier to navigate. The important thing to remember is, you can only do one thing at a time, so pick one and do it.

Promised to do too many things? Learn to say “no.” Set a schedule. Realize your limitations. Although it is hard to do, you must, if you are ever going to complete everything you’ve added to your plate. After all, I’ve been told it’s not possible to clone… yet…