A Writer’s Expectations

It is reasonable as a writer to expect certain things for your work once you decide to seek publication. It is imperative that you do the necessary research in order to make this experience the best it can possibly be – this does not mean losing yourself to the thought of selling thousands of copies and making millions of dollars. Rarely, does this scenario come true, although, as writers we all covet this dream. I confess. Sure, I’d love one of my books to reach that great market level where everyone “just has to have it.” Perhaps, it will happen – one day – if I write something that everyone wants to read. In the meantime, the main reason I would publish my work is for the personal satisfaction and accomplishment of being a published author.

As a publisher,  I personally offer support to those writers who are venturing into the publishing realm, by giving them real information they can consider and digest. There are always choices but they are not always what might be expected. Sometimes, it might be a reality check, of sorts. Sometimes it means they might not choose to publish their work through the company program I offer. The question comes out in the our first meeting, our first consultation, or our first discussion about publishing – why do you want to publish your work? What is it you hope to see from this venture? What expectations do you have for this part of your writing journey? If it is notariety and wealth – well, I can’t promise that.

Perhaps, you have worked years to hone your craft and you have achieved recognition through other publishing venues and now would like to see and hold and read your own book – that, I can help you with. Maybe you are a new author that needs more guidance through one-on-one mentorship – that is within the realm of possibilities with a bit of hard work. What makes my company any different from any other publisher? It is the fact that you don’t need an agent to look out for your rights in order to get your fair share of the fortune gleaned from YOUR work, in whatever way that might occur. I might not make a million dollars in this business, either, but I won’t take advantage of authors to try to do so.

I am a writer, too. I understand the dedication to the craft and the hard work that goes into your words. It is a creative dance you have coaxed to curtain call. As the author, you deserve to reap the benefits of this labor and anything less is not acceptable in my books.


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