Identifying Appropriate Exposure

Part of the responsibility of a publisher is to ensure adequate marketing and promotional opportunities for their authors. This will vary depending upon publishing company, the book, the market, and the author’s input – the analysis of this relationship should be clearly defined before signing the publishing agreement or contract. Dream Write Publishing endeavours to create positive experiences by assigning events to authors based on the “write” fit. It is definitely our goal to plan promotional campaigns suited to the individual author, keeping in mind, their work and the audience of readers for which the work is created.

Recently, we were able to assign Helen Lavender a reading from “A Gift of Trouble” to just such a perfect audience. Her book speaks to the farm soul and reveals her lesson learned through a childhood summer which involved one special farm animal, Snorky, the pig. The Alberta Federation of Rural Electrification Associations annual Conference allowed a connection between this author and her audience that would not have existed except by a book of such means. The women who enjoyed her reading were part of a Spousal Program hosted at the Conference. This interested circle of participants could relate on a personal level to the author – this brought back a flood of fond memories, leading to a tearful association to the words they heard and the story the author portrayed.

We are sure another book would have been interesting but it would not have been as well received as this one – we cannot always get that perfect fit. When things are “just write,” Dream Write Publishing will identify the opportunity, offer the option, and then present it in the best way possible for everyone involved.

If you are considering our publishing services, rest assured that your work, your individual personality, and your publishing desires will be considered. This is what will set us apart – your comfort in launching your book to the public will come before company profit margins. It is more important to us that you are happy with your accomplishment.

Just a side note – Helen received valuable exposure, sold books, and received an honorarium from the organization – all part of the positive experience of being a published author.

By Linda J. Pedley ©Dream Write Publishing February 2011   


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