Vision: Where do we want Dream Write Publishing to go?

In focusing on the future of this newly formed company, we are driven by passion and determination to build something that is not just directed by profit margins. We see for this company a future built on a foundation of integrity, honesty, and creativity. It’s a place where everyone is treated equally, fairly, and given a chance to fulfill their dreams of being a published author. It is also a realization that not everyone is at the same place on their writing journey and that is where we want to make a difference – we want to support and encourage emerging writers as well as provide a professional outlet for established writers.

It will be a meeting place for creativity.

Our vision includes community spirit and a commitment to developing relationships that will sustain growth for individual writers, our organization and the industry, in general. Our business’ development is based on the compassion of people who are part of the organization and those who choose to employ us. Our dreams involve your dreams.

We would be foolish to say we don’t expect or want to make money at this venture. At some point, this will happen. It is the commitment of the people involved that will propel this dream forward and secure a successful future. All parties who have offered their services, have agreed to work as volunteers until such time the company shows it is making money – over the next five years, money in excess of expenses will be reinvested in the publishing possibilities that exist out there for us and for everyone who chooses to use our services. We hope that over time, we are able to offer a return on the investment any of our shareholders have contributed.

Our company launch with a planned promotional project is about creating awareness in our community and the literary community, in general. By introducing our company and its services to a county that prides itself on its cultural diversity, we expect to find acceptance and create a niche upon which to build a foundation, in Strathcona County. An application for a grant will allow this project to happen sooner, and will help further more than just our dream – it will further the dream of many writers whose passion boils inside with a vision of seeing their work in print.

We can make that dream happen, while contributing to a viable Alberta industry.