Promoting an Author


The promotion of an author’s published work will reflect the level of commitment we have for the industry, the product and the individual writer. In general, our marketing plans will be devised to create awareness, engage the author, and fulfill a reader’s desire to have the finished product. Each project will, however, be assessed on a one-to-one basis and the company will work with an author to develop a plan that suits all parties based on mutual productivity. There will be expectations as to what is required from an author as well as provisions for what we will assist with or supply.

We will consider all options, but will endeavor to support a marketing and promotion plan that fits the individual writer and their work. Every effort will be made to sell books with the least amount of overhead in order to maximize the profits an author sees in return. Distribution is a huge percentage of the fees involved with publishing, and is usually controlled by an outside source – we will try to minimize the use of this method of exposure, however, selling books in the big markets and chain stores will not allow us that choice. Royalty percentages will be adjusted to reflect these cost levels, but the benefits will be, of course, increased exposure in the book selling market.

Author book signings will be explored using local venues and events. Independent bookstores, such as Greenwoods or Audrey’s, are in the business of promoting local authors and have their own consignment programs which are less expensive than the big box retailers, but higher than author-publisher promoted sales. A diverse marketing plan will be used to promote our writers.


The biggest potential for cost effectiveness and increased market exposure lies in the “virtual” marketplace. The Internet is a vast promotional canvas and it will be the mainstay of our company marketing plan. By example, we will display the expectations of our publishing contracts – we will work with authors to utilize the on line tools for selling books. Our own web site will be e-commerce enabled to sell all published work and our own distribution tracking will record sales from all sources. These types of sales generate the most income for an author and the company because of the reduced distribution costs.

Due to the success and expansion of the Internet and the on line outlet, our company has a dedicated department to Social Media. We will work with any writer who is not Internet savvy, to align them with required accounts, web sites, links, and direct them on suggested advertising processes. Again, a combined effort will increase the likelihood of a successful sales campaign.

We are in the process of investigating the sale of e-books – every decrease in the cost of publishing a book, is reflected in an increase of what goes to the author – we both make money.


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