History – From Dream to Reality

I am not just someone with a wordy passion that writes for my own benefit. I love the written word and share that passion with many others and along with that, share the dream of being a published author. My journey as a writer has taken me on many twists and turns, sometimes even hitting dead ends, but the one thing that rings true is the fact that anything to do with writing has turned out to be the “write” path to take.  Although many writers dream of being published, not many dream of starting their own publishing company.

My association with the Writers Foundation of Strathcona County (WFSC) brought me into contact with many wonderful people – all writers, all with a like-passion, and all with a desire to be published in one way or another. It also brought me to the realization that there were others out there with a similar journey – a similar mission and a similar vision for their writing life.

The dream to start my own publishing company was not just a petty desire to move on to the next step and get my own work published. The dream lodged itself into my heart, inked itself upon my list of things to do, and worked its way to a possibility when a recent book project came to light for the WFSC. My research showed that “branding” a book under a publishing company logo would give it a more professional look than it would if you just ventured off into the self-publishing realm, possibly employing the services of a vanity press. It’s a lot more work than that and given the chances of getting into traditional publishing, I wanted to help others realize their writing potential by encouraging them to learn their craft, polish their work, and then, possibly live their publishing dream.

The thought of forming a company came to light in discussion about the book project with a discovery that others were interested in being involved in a serious, committed way. Combining our skills and abilities as writers and artists proved to be a positive formulation – we suddenly had a group of people with many years of experience in business, in writing, in design, with talent, determination, and the courage to go out there and make a dream happen.

Dream Write Publishing Ltd. was born from this desire in early summer 2010, with in-depth discussions, business researching and project meetings, and the display of dedication required to make it a detailed, yet informed, decision-making process. I am proud to be the incorporator of this company and am willing to lead others who are determined to make this work by doing what needs to be done to make it a reality. Hard work will pay off, but most importantly, it means we helped to make a dream come true.

Linda J. Pedley, President

Dream Write Publishing, Ltd.