What is Dream Write Publishing all about?

Dream Write Publishing Ltd. is a new company player on the literary scene in the publishing industry; however, the individuals involved in its development, incorporation  and implementation are not new to the business arena and bring to the table, not only experience and passion, but a dedicated determination to fulfill publishing dreams. This business plan will outline the initial stages of a long-term commitment to provide service and products that reflect quality literary works and will provide information to support that mission.

A local writer’s group is the originating source of everyone involved in this company. The principal contributor to this company had a dream – and this company is her dream. But fulfilling that dream is only the beginning because our individual mission for our own writing lives, crossed, matched and developed into a working unit that is willing to encourage others to hone their writing skills, submit their work for assessment and take a chance to see their own dreams of being published, come true.

Our personal and business contacts allow all of us networking opportunities to express our excitement for this new venture and promote it from within. We have already generated interest in writers who are working on projects and will be looking for publishing services in the near future. They can relate to the company because they know the people behind it and the respect and level of confidence is already established. The release of our first book this fall, will confirm our professional focus and creative drive.

We will build on the relationships we have already established within our community, yet hope to establish new ones as we continue to develop our presence in the local markets. Applications for funding will be made and successful grants utilized for advertising: a feature in the local paper; development of an e-commerce enabled web site to promote our authors and sell their books on-line; printing costs for promotional brochures. We don’t expect to open big fancy offices in the near future unless we are successful in soliciting investment money with long-term payment options. Our work is provided by the individuals who already have a passion for helping local writers – the feeling of accomplishment in seeing someone’s publishing dreams come true, is well worth the investment of time, effort and experience.

The future is based on what we put into it now, and there is a dedication that can’t be evaluated by a dollar figure. Dream Write Publishing Ltd. has leadership, it has a product that is desired, and it has the means to carry out its goals and objectives, even if they are planned and obtained over time.

Live your dream. Write your story. We can help publish it.


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